Hi!  My name is Becky Bartels.  I am a second grade teacher at Joslyn Elementary.  I have been a Joslyn Jaguar since 2005 and have loved every minute of it! 

Second grade is a fabulous place to be!  There is so much growth that takes place during this formative year of schooling.  My goal is to help each child become a successful independent learner.   

 I welcome you to our website.  There is quite a bit of useful information on the website.  If you need to reach me you can e-mail me at



                                                   Day 1 - Music, Project Fit                                                 

Day 2 - Art

Day 3 - PE

Day 4 - Library

Day 5 - Guidance

Day 6 - Music

Day 7 - Art

Day 8 - PE

Day 9 - Library

Day 10 - Library

Mrs. Bartels


 8:35 - Grab and Go Breakfast

8:50 - 4:05 - School Hours

12:25 - Lunch

*  Read with your child 15-20 minutes a day!

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