Mrs. Obradovich - PAC Facilitator


    Welcome to the 

Positive Action Center (PAC)

Hello...My name is Mrs. Obradovich

              I am the Positive Action Center (PAC) Facilitator at Joslyn Elementary.  

Please feel free to contact me at:402-496-5322 or  

PAC rooms are a component of the Omaha Public Schools Discipline Guidelines. It is a collaborative program where the PAC Facilitator works with administrators, teachers, staff members, students and parents in each building. 

     The Positive Action Center / PAC Room provides students with a positive, safe and neutral environment that aids in learning responsibilities and appropriate decision making.  The goal of the program is to teach problem solving skills while guiding students to accept logical consequences for their behaviors.  PAC provides students time to evaluate their actions and develop a plan to set realistic goals to help students attain success.  The belief of PAC is that it is more proficient to be proactive in teaching skills needed for life with positive interventions, rather than be reactive and use punitive measures.  As a PAC Facilitator I help in assisting all students with opportunities to achieve their highest potential.  


*The Positive Action Center is an essential link in achieving student success. 

*It provides students with a positive neutral environment where they can learn individual responsibility and practice problem solving. 

*In PAC poor decision making is viewed as an opportunity to teach students responsibility for their actions through problem solving interventions.  The PAC Facilitator assists the student in learning appropriate decision making. 



 The GOAL of PAC:

A key part of a successful PAC room is to build relationships and to develop confidence in the students' abilities by re-teaching valuable life skills with positive interventions.  


What PAC IS...  and...  What PAC is NOT...

      *A Place to Teach                                                          *A Quick Fix

      *A Neutral Zone                                                             *A Punishment

      * A Pro-Active Intervention                                            *Re-Active Discipline

      *Problem Solving with Students                                       *Problem Solving for Students

      *An On-going Lesson                                                       *A Final Consequence

      *Conflict Resolution                                                        *A Scolding

      *Active Listening                                                            *Telling Students What to Do

      *Non Judgmental                                                            *Rewards / Bribery

      *A Positive Interaction / Relationship Building                *Replacement of Principal,                                                                                                 Teacher, Counselor or Parent 

     *Modeling Appropriate Behavior                                                                                

      *Goal Setting                                                                  *Deal Making

      *An Extension of the Classroom Expectations                   *Fun and Games

      *Help Students Develop Internal Control                         *External Control


In PAC we look at problems as an opportunity to re-teach Social Skills so... All Students Can be Successful.



The purpose of the Positive Action Center is to support the districts code of conduct / discipline guidelines.



                                 ~Students are given time to evaluate their actions.

~Students learn problem solving strategies.

~Students accept logical consequences.

~Students set realistic goals.

~Students build relationships and develop confidence.