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Welcome back to school everyone!  

The purpose of this newsletter is quick information on the latest and greatest resources to help support you and your school.  I would also like to introduce AIRE Nebraska and myself below as I run across schools who are not aware of the organization and why it exists. Please read on to learn about some of the resources that AIRE Nebraska provides in support of the required Rule 59 protocol, Emergency Response to Life-Threatening Asthma or Systemic Allergic Reactions (Anaphylaxis).  

Looking forward to a safe and healthy year!

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NDE - Rule 59, Regulations for School Health & Safety 
Title 92, Administrative Code, Chapter 59
Inside Rule 59, schools will find provisions for the Medication Aide Act Requirements and the Rule 59 protocol, Emergency Response to Life-Threatening Asthma or Systemic Allergic Reactions (Anaphylaxis). 

Please note that the Rule 59 protocol is REQUIRED for every accredited, approved school and every approved early childhood education program.  Education, training, equipment and medication is then also required - please know where your school is with these!


Non-profit organization assisting Nebraska schools
AIRE Nebraska was formed as Attack On Asthma Nebraska in 2002 to assist Nebraska schools with the new requirement of the Rule 59 protocol.  The name was changed in 2014 to better reflect the organization as a whole. AIRE Nebraska's board of directors is made up of a variety of people and represents school nurses, parents, physicians, and EMS professionals. 

NOTE: Education is not currently represented and has not been for some time - please let us know if this is an interest of yours as this is definitely a gap on our board.  Contact Andrea for more information.

In partnership with NDE and the School Health Program office with DHHS, AIRE Nebraska is the resource for schools in Nebraska when it comes to the Rule 59 protocol; recommended education and training, the management of students identified with asthma and/or severe allergy at school, policy issues and so much more.  

AIRE Nebraska has developed many FREE resources over the years for schools to use for general staff education, emergency response team training, handouts for parents, etc.  We keep school nurses up-to-date with medications, policy questions and general medical advances in the world of allergy and asthma by presenting at the annual School Health Conference.

This past year we have had a number of calls from parents and schools who have had questions about 504 plans and risk mitigation strategies in school.  AIRE Nebraska is happy to work with parents and schools on behalf of a child's health and safety so that the child may be able to learn in school without fear of exposure.  This work entails education for both the parents and schools as the number of students with diagnosed food allergies continues to rise.

Please take a look at our website and/or contact us by phone or email.  AIRE Nebraska is happy to help!


Andrea Holka                                                        
Andrea is the Director of AIRE Nebraska and has held this position for 10 years.  She is the mother of two boys.  Both of her sons are asthmatic and one has a food allergy.  This personal connection makes her quite passionate about her job.  Andrea serves on the Malcolm School Board, the Nebraska EMS for Children committee and has also served on several FDA Advisory Committees in the role of patient representative.

She is available to help schools with any questions that you may have about the Rule 59 protocol. Andrea presents annually at a variety of schools and conferences and can assist with policy, risk mitigation strategies, etc.  If you have administered the Rule 59 protocol, she will often call to follow-up with a question or two.  If there is a question that she cannot answer, she will find the answer and get back to you.  Andrea works very closely with Carol Tucker, School Health Program Manager.  

Please don't hesitate to contact her with any questions or ideas that you may have! Phone calls from schools are the best part of her day - the best time to get hold of her by phone is in the afternoon or by email any time.  OR 402-616-9600

PS - If you have seen Andrea in the past two years, yes, her hair is much longer.  She does not prefer to have her picture taken however, so this image is several years old, but still representative.

AIRE Nebraska Newsletter & Disclaimer
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