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Mrs. Pittack - Physical Education

Physical Education classes at Joslyn contribute to the total growth and development of each student primarily through movement experiences. I teach a systematic yearly plan that incorporates the National standards of Physical Education along with the OPS PE standards. Every class includes: movement competence, maintaining physical fitness, learning about personal health and wellness, movement concepts, skill mechanics, developing lifetime activity skills and demonstrating positive social skills.


Days 1 & 6 –Miss Bass, Mrs. Brommer, Mrs. Witt, PFA Mrs. Brommer, Mrs. Eggen,PE: Mrs. Wilers, Mrs. Bierbaum

Days 2 & 7 – Miss Henderson, Miss Kern, Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Michels

Days 3 & 8 - Mrs. Hamilton, Miss Weatherly, Mrs. Gradoville, PFA Mrs. Hamilton, Mr. Pfeiffer, Miss Kern, Miss Henderson

Days 4 & 9 -  Mr. Pfeiffer, Mrs. Wilers, Mrs. Bierbaum, Mrs. Barels, Mrs. McKenzie, Mrs. Brown

Days 5 & 10 –Mrs. Erickson, Mrs. Eggen, Miss Reznicek, PFA Miss Bass, Mrs. Erickson, Mrs. Michels, Miss Weatherly

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ARF – All Recreate on Friday

Project Fit America (PFA)

Jump Rope for Heart:
Grades 4th,5th,6th participate after school

Grades 1st 2nd & 3rd allowed to do collections for prizes


Field Day:

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