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Mrs. Pittack - Physical Education

Physical Education classes at Joslyn contribute to the total growth and development of each student primarily through movement experiences. I teach a systematic yearly plan that incorporates the National standards of Physical Education along with the OPS PE standards. Every class includes: movement competence, maintaining physical fitness, learning about personal health and wellness, movement concepts, skill mechanics, developing lifetime activity skills and demonstrating positive social skills.


Days 1 & 6 –Miss Bass, Mrs. Brommer, Mrs. Witt, PFA Mrs. Brommer, Mrs. Eggen,PE: Mrs. Wilers, Mrs. Bierbaum

Days 2 & 7 – Miss Henderson, Miss Kern, Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Michels

Days 3 & 8 - Mrs. Hamilton, Miss Weatherly, Mrs. Gradoville, PFA Mrs. Hamilton, Mr. Pfeiffer, Miss Kern, Miss Henderson

Days 4 & 9 -  Mr. Pfeiffer, Mrs. Wilers, Mrs. Bierbaum, Mrs. Barels, Mrs. McKenzie, Mrs. Brown

Days 5 & 10 –Mrs. Erickson, Mrs. Eggen, Miss Reznicek, PFA Miss Bass, Mrs. Erickson, Mrs. Michels, Miss Weatherly

Project Fit America

Project Fit America is a national non-profit public charity formed in 1990 dedicated to getting kids fit.  In October of 2008, through a partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of NE, Joslyn joined 800 schools in 40 states in receiving this wonderful program!  The PFA outdoor equipment is specifically designed to address upper and lower body strength, abdominal strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility.  Outdoor equipment consists of: WarmUp/Cool Down exercise signs, Pole Climb, Vault Bar, Pull Up Bar, Sit-Up Bench, Horizontal Ladder, Parallel Bars, Step Up Bench.  Joslyn students and the surrounding communuity have free access  to this equipment.  This allows all individuals to focus on their personal health and fitness. 

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ARF – All Recreate on Friday

Project Fit America (PFA)

Jump Rope for Heart:
Grades 4th,5th,6th participate after school

Grades 1st 2nd & 3rd allowed to do collections for prizes


Field Day: